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Roleplay Information/Members.

We are a roleplay group for Rping the old 2D disney!No new ones allowed!With the exception of Princess And The Frog!Just send a application form titled "Application: and then the name of your character you want to rp as.(ex:Application: Simba) and Send it in a Note!


Who would you like to rp as?:
Why do you wanna roleplay as this character?:
Do you think you would be good at rping this character?:
Can you show me you can by writing a paragraph of atleast 5-6 sentences?:
Whats the password to your RP account?:
How many times a week will you be in the chat?:
Do you agree to the rules?:

Characters can fall in love,this means uncanon pairings are allowed,but unofficial pairings cant happen if one person is already in a canon relationship!
Both rpers must agree on the pairing!
Your username must be "Disney-" or "Disney--" then the name of the character you rp as. (ex: Disney-Ariel) or (ex: Disney--Alice)
Make sure your active!If you are inactive for 4 weeks,your (roleplay) account is banned and open for application!
Be kind to the other roleplayers!In ooc and in character,unless your character is evil.
No homosexual couples!
No godmodding! ((Also Called Mary-Sue or Gary-Stu.))
No cussing unless it is in ooc --> (())
make sure you make a introduction journal after you make the account.
Once you make the account,you must make a introduction journal!
Have good grammer. It does not have to be perfect, just decent enough to tolerate.
Have fun!

Make sure when you make it,your rp account comments on the group comments box.

-:bulletblack:-OC Application:-:bulletblack:
Whats the name of your oc?
Is it a boy or girl?
Is he/she good or evil or neutral?
What speciies is he/her?
What series is he/she from?
Whats his/her personality?
Show me how you rp this character by writing a few sentences:.

:bulletorange:-OC Rules:-:bulletorange:
No Godmodding
No Automatically knowing everyone!
No Being related to canon characters!
No Homosexual couples (Unless Accepted by Admins)
Start of Username must be "DisneyOC-" or "DisneyOC--"
If you are to apply for OC,you must have atleast one canon character account first.
Your OC cannot be a recolor!


:icondisney--clocksworth: :icondisneylilo: :icondisney-nala: :icondisney--alice: :icondisney-zero: :icondisney--timon: :icondisney-princessbelle: :icondisney-max: :icondisney-stitch: :icondisney--iago::icondisney-ariel::icondisney-winnie-pooh: :icondisney-piglet:

:icondisney-oswald-rabbit: :icondisney-georgette: :icondisney--scrooge-duck:

:icondisney-scar: :icondisney-maleficent: :icondisney-gaston: :icondisney-zira: :icondisney-shenzi:


NonActive/Free for Application:
:icondisney--genie: :icondisney--mickey-mouse: :icondisney-panic: :icondisney--magic-carpet: :icondisney-hades: :icondisney-jiminycricket: :icondisney--meg: :icondisney-gaston: :icondisney--clocksworth: :icondisney-dr-facilier:

None~! C:

Note:We will NOT stop you on commenting on peoples profiles that are part of a different rp group.

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Journal Writers

It's no doubt we are inactive. So Can people please give us ideas on how to make the grouop more pupular and active.
More Journal Entries


Welcome to Disney-RP! A Roleplay Group of 2D Disney! Please don't hesitate to apply!

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Hey guys! :D come and join this new disney rp group!
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Hey everyone! Love Disney? Love Role playing? Come look at DisneyMagicalAcademy:icondisneymagicalacademy:
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Hi. Hello? Question because I can't believe what I read up there..... I can make.... An OC?
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Hello, my name is Ragga, I am from Iceland, I love all disney movies I always have and I always will since I was 3 years old and I am 27 today.
My favorites are: Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and Frozen and of course FANTASIA (the first one). Can I please join your group please?
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((is the group here dead?))
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Hello, my name is Magie, I love all disney movies since my childhood, above all "old" disney movies, my favorites are the lion king, beauty and the beast, the aristocats and several others :) can i join your group please ?
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Hey , I like Basil of Baker Street - The Great Mouse Detective and he is one of Disney's characters so can I join your group if I draw him ? 
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God, I hope I live to see the day when people stop constantly to portray the main heroes and their children and pay attention to the children of famous villains.:( (Sad) Waaaah! 
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how can i join this group?? :/
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